Charar-e-Sharief (also spelled Charar-i-Sharief, Charari Sharief, Chrari-Sharif, etc.) is a Sufi Muslim shrine and mosque situated in the town of Charari Sharief in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir union territory, India.[ It is one of the oldest and sacrosanct shrines of Indian Muslims, including Kashmir Valley dedicated to a Kashmiri Sufi saint Nund Rishi. It was built in 1460 to pay homage to Nund Rishi. On 11 May 1995, when a war broke out between the Indian forces and 150 militants, including Mast Gul, the shrine built of square-shaped wooden structure caught fire and was heavily damaged. It has religious significance in the cultural heritage of Kashmir and is considered the holiest place of Muslims.